Why you need the Books


There are many educational activity books on the market which are designed to make your baby "smarter." However, I noticed that what was lacking was an easy to read comprehensive list  of play activites that sequentially follows developmental milestones. 


Also what was lacking was the stimulus materials needed to enhance visual and cognitive learning. From the research I have done I am unaware of any other book that combines a sequential list of learning play activities which are in tune with milestone categories together with  stimulus cards and worksheets. 


Always enjoy learning





It is well documented in neuro science literature and childhood development research the connection between milestone development, learning through play and the building of the brian's neuro pathways as a buidling block for future learning and achieveing. Put simply, where there is low input of sensory experience a baby's synapses, or "brain wiring," is slowed down. Conversely, "brain wiring" is strengthened in babies who have been given the opportunity to experience learning play. The activities in  Maxi Sensory Play  and Maxi Toddler Play are introduced to a baby when the baby is developmentally ready to learn a particualr skill.