About Toddler Play

Maxi Toddler Play, 2 Years - 3 Years  follows the first book Maxi Sensory Play, Birth - 24 Months. Maxi Toddler Play is for parents/childcare workers wanting to know what play activities are needed to stimulate a toddler's learning across the milestone spectrum.  


What is different about Maxi Toddler Play is ...


                * It has over 600 play activities that sequentially follows milestone expectations


                * It has over 130  stimulus worksheets which have been designed to provide a toddler's learning in fine motor skills, visual discrimination, critical thinking, comparing, sorting, classifying, picture comprehension, visual tracking, colours, shapes, early maths and beginning reading.  The worksheets are designed for step by step learning with varying degrees of difficulty.


                * There is a dot point list of what milestone a toddler is expected to achieve across gross and fine motor skills, cognitive and visual learning, hearing and language development and social and emotional development.


                * Following each of these milestone categories is a comprehensive list of play activities. Age specific tactile activities are also included. Aligned with developmental milestone expectations these activities will help maximise a toddler's learning needs at the most opportune time - that is, when a toddler is ready to learn a particular skill.  


               *Since a nurturing environment is effective for learning key ingredients for building self esteem and toddler management, including positive communication and dealing with temper tantrums  are covered. 


Help your toddler's learning flourish by following the step-by-step play activities in Maxi Toddler Play,

2 Years - 3 Years.