About Sensory Play

Maxi Sensory Play, Birth – 24 Months is a concise, easy to read Handbook for parents wanting to know


*what a baby is expected to learn and achieve at specific ages across the milestone development spectrum


  *what activities parents can play with their baby so their baby learns and achieve                     particular skills in

              Motor – Gross/Fine

              Visual/Cognitive Learning




What is different about Maxi Sensory Play, Birth - 24 Months, is ....


*there are  over 650 sequential learning play activities that follow milestone development.


*there are over 60 cards which have been designed to stimulate a baby's visual development and cognitive learning. These cards are to be shown to a baby at the most opportune time - that is, when a baby is ready to learn a particular skill. The stimulus cards, for instance, include 4 black and white designs to be shown to new borns. Varied coloured cards are introduced to a baby when babies are more colour aware. Other examples are depth perception awareness cards, visual tracking, spot the difference and cards to stimulate visual discrimination.    


*age specific tactile play activities are also listed.


From Birth – 12 Months the book is divided into monthly age groups. From 12 -24 Months the book is divided into 12 -15 Months; 15 – 18 Months and 18 -24 Months.

For each month there is a concise dot point list of what skill is expected to be learnt across the milestone categories. This is followed by a comprehensive list of play activities, which are aligned with milestone development.


Help your baby's learning flourish by following the step-by-step play activities in Maxi Sensory Play, Birth – 24 Months.


A must have for all parents and the          only book you will need ...